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March 1,2019 05:55 PM

What is Positive Direction

Formally, known as St. Clare’s Fastbreak basketball program it has been in existence since 1991 under the leadership of Executive Director, JoAnn Arbitello. Positive Direction welcomes all young people from throughout the five boroughs and Long Island.  The majority of our program attracts children from areas such as St. Albans, Laurelton, Rosedale, Jamaica, Rochdale, and Cambria Heights.  Positive Direction was started because there was the need for a program dedicated to the youth of today to encourage more involvement in positive endeavors rather than the negative associations rapidly growing around them.

The fundamental purpose of Positive Direction is give youths a positive function in their lives and teach them a sense of responsibility

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Positive Direction provides opportunities for young athletes to perform at highly competitive levels and assisting each athlete in their growth and development in thier sport and with their educational and social skills.

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